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What are your mass holdings? And what are they worth?

travels without fiona (the dog)

When I wear a mask, I’m operating under two premises.I’m protecting you by covering my face in case I’m contagious.Also, in my heart, I feel safer from you in case you sneeze in my face while exercising your God-given,Constitutional right to not wear a mask and risk my life.

One thing I think no one would argue (but I’m naive that way and of course someone will always argue): the issue about wearing or not wearing masks is really about something else.And that something else may vary from person to person.I’ve spent the last 6+ years moving around this country to various medical communities in an attempt to keep my husband alive.So, yeah, I wear a mask. You probably have a different reason. But I will say that it’s ugly the way people have gone crazy on social media about the mask issue.It hasn’t…

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