In the middle of the COVID-19 chaos a friend posted a photo of his parents and mentioned his favorite dreams included talks with them. Still I did not expect or give it a second thought until the early morning hours. During a particularly long segment of “dream sleep” I was cast in the roll of “covid19 shopping” which included LOWES for supplies. I wandered quickly through the store loading my cart and successfully purchased said items (which I actually do not remember WHAT I thought I needed at Lowes) I left the store and loaded the items in my car…….ALL loaded but wait, where is my purse? My wallet, my keys? As I panic searched inside car LOandBehold my mom and dad drove up.

They offered to help by driving me back to Lowes…of course I know even at the moment (in the dream) I was already at Lowes, but you do things for your parents so I got in the back seat and dad and mom chatted away and reassured me that it would be ok. I settled back and waited for the car to stop and ran into the store….searching through the isles for my purse. (I am a very focused 😀dreamer) Things did not look quite right but I kept searching knowing mom and dad were waiting, so I ran back to the car to assure them so they could reassure me two or five more times. They were so cute and so patient, though I don’t think they understood my worries.

Anyway, it was the last trip back into the store that I realized they had taken me to “Harbor Freight” NOT Lowes. Don’t Judge…when I am awake I can mostly tell the difference. But NOT to upset my parents or tip them off to the opportunity to yell at me, thus changing the trajectory of this entire event, I chose to literally run from HF to Lowes. Harbor Freight which apparently was close but it did require some tricky climbing and a precipice that was challenging. I arrived at Lowes, located my car still in the loading zone, and concerned about a ticket decided to move it. NOT exactly sure how I started the car but I moved it into the handicapped parking using 4 of the 6 spaces. (clearly I qualified)

Here, even in the dream, I am confused because mom and dad were there still sitting in the car chatting away in Lowe’s parking lot. When I asked about it, they said they were there the entire time. It was exactly at this point I understood what was happening and why. So I had to make a difficult choice. To leave or stay. I honestly could have stayed and enjoyed those moments with my parents for days. They were patient and reassuring, and I have solved a thousand problems in my sleep only to wake up without the answer so I focused on all details of the dream. To the point I could transcribe them here.

What went right and what went wrong? But the details just did not make sense, and the more I tried to resolve the issue the more frustrating and distant a solution seemed. Not sure how long I struggled when I remembered what I knew all along.
I miss my parents, it’s a disconcerting time, I’m doing my best with what I can. It’s just that the unknowns are more difficult than what we know. AND this was a dream created by 67 years worth of “triggers” and I could and DID wake myself up. Just thought I would share.

Moral: REM sleep (dream sleep) is not restful I lost 2lbs. 🤗 Stay safe and well “wash your hands” 🥰

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