#whenIm64 #TYMarkZuckerberg If you don’t have time for a Birthday story, the short version is, I am not upset about being 64. Considering advancement in medicine, technology, and my genetic makeup I statistically have a good chance of living to 100 years old so it really only leaves me 36 years (my original goal). I may need to kick it up a notch if I want to finish this on a high note but all things I’m OK with the status quo (related to my age). In the wee hours of April 20th I woke up to thunderous noise, clashing, and pounding and intermittent flashing lights. Immediately and fully awake and aware of the date and my age and still knew it was a spring storm, not a party. Later 2 tornado warnings had me peering out windows but it’s OK it was just me, I really don’t like surprises…at 64 if not custom or routine, there is NO reason to stun or astonish me, I prefer to leave shock and awe to the youth. I am counting on 100. ON the other hand as birthdays go, this number will take some getting used to. It doesn’t feel like it’s been 64 years; I should rephrase that..I FEEL 64, it just doesn’t seem like years. I could NOT have fathomed I would live this long so if I failed to list or document accomplishment it’s slightly disheartening. At 64 what I lack in successes I’m going with my global remark..capacity doesn’t always lead to achievement LOL…. “that’s my birthday story” but it ALL leads to the honorary mentions I enjoyed from everyone (via FB). They cut into my day perfectly, and so much fun reading them. Every post and greeting was a fresh Birthday smile… I don’t want to be sappy, but <3 thank you <3. And it was because of the Beatles that it's a milestone.

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I am doing the best that I can :-) that's it.

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