From peaceful and simple life, to structures over filled.Obtruded concrete streaming smoke, filling skies with things to choke.  Reckless lives, defiant stares; replaced the ease in breaths of air.What took away the passive views, and left these behind to amuse.   Filled with pride and useless rooms. Excesses tossed to less consumed.

Leave indulgence at the door; should we build them anymore?

No layers of leaves or untouched snows. Life moves in flickered glows.  Once useful homes NOW deprived; destroying precious countryside.  Accolades from restlessness; expects someone else to clear the mess.  It’s the wants that shaped descent! Out of which grows violence.

With regard to numbered days, crushed consciousness with yield.  Check influence at the door ; how can we do this anymore?  We’ve been busy with the lie, building homes in the sky.  Heroic efforts all in vain. Accumulations not sustained.

Some give up to save the ship; and lose the gains despite the grip.  Running circles and more to do. But less time and people too!  Educators seek to guide; so could our spirits then survive?  Check your life and what’s in store; we can NOT do this anymore.

We may want to quit the game of larger castles on the land.  Before our time for learning views, to put together useful tools.  Organize and comprehend; will bring back ease in lives again.  No matter what our money buys; earth wins when greedy dies.

Humble fragile lives believe; born with nothing, nothing leaves.

Leave the greed at the door; we should not do this anymore.


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I am doing the best that I can :-) that's it.

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