Don’t think you can run a marathon?



In 1992 I stood at the finish line of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. The clock was at four hours, and the runners were on the last of the route heading toward the line. Their hair and clothes were drenched, and they moved in various expressions of exhaustion. I yelled encouragement and reassurances, but my attention was drawn to runners’ postures. I noticed that in some cases they almost stumbled forward with effort in the final mile. Twenty six point two (26.2) miles was probably five miles more than most of them had run at one time!

After the male and female winners crossed in 2 to 3 hours, I began to watch “average” people hitting the line to accept their medal. That one step across the finish line changed expressions from exhaustion and depleted to energetic and even smiling. I was witness to dozens of near complete transformations… I let myself think it was possible for me.

The first marathon I ran was the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in 1993. On June 22nd, the HFM Maritime Marathon in Manitowoc will be my 5th.  The adjustment “list” between 1993 and 2014 is substantial.

In this blog during the coming weeks, I will talk about the negatives and positives; the questions, challenges and consequences leading up to HFM Maritime Marathon.

Without the advantage of youth, I rely on the knowledge of my 20+ years of fitness / training and adjustments for personal capacity. My training will be unconventional for these two reasons (current physical limitations and new knowledge).

I know that training runs will be less than 50 percent of the total miles of the event. The rest will be various activities that I will document until race day.

My goals have not changed. Cross the finish line. I have already purchased the shirt… the medal and the journey are pending!


Learn more about the HFM Maritime Marathon:


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