Do you remember when you couldn’t #BUTTDIAL unless you meant to???

My phone rang the other day…I answered it and my husband said, “what’s up?”  

I said…”nothing” ….but thinking he was interested in chatting in the middle of a workday I struggled to think of something interesting to say…”Dennis is mowing the BLVD for the Holiday!!!!”  

Husband:   “Dennis is always mowing…you called to tell me that???”   

 Me;  “NOOOOO”  

Husband: …. “OK then what’s up?”  

Feeling stressed me: “really nothing…:-( ”  

Husband: …”then what did you want?”   

It’s kind of a blurr after that but I don’t think I cooked dinner or had to talk to anyone the rest  of the day..and I still don’t know what  caused the mutual “cell” connection…and YES…..there was a time when I would have thought it was a sign we were meant “TO BE”….NOW I am asking better questions…IT IS good to get OLD. 🙂 but bring back the rotary dial.  

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2 responses to “Do you remember when you couldn’t #BUTTDIAL unless you meant to???”

  1. ehaneystuart says :

    Hilarious and so true….

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